Up-cycling: making a bird feeder

A bird feeder doesn't need to be complicated or costly, it needs to hold food, keep the food dry, and maybe (depending on its location) be pest-proof.

bird feeding

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We built two bird feeders from some of the random pieces of junk we were left by the previous owners of our house: a couple of fibreglass tent poles, some candle holders and two of those plastic saucers that you put under plant pots.

First, I measured the diameter of the tent pole and drilled a hole of that diameter through the centre of the candlestick. I then pushed the tent pole through the hole, so that the candlestick was positioned at one end of the pole. Then, to make a mini roof to shelter the food from the elements, I screwed the upturned plastic saucer onto the top of the tent pole using a rubber washer, which helps keep the water out and makes it much more resistant to breaking in the wind.

Upcycled bird feeder.

The feeder can then be placed anywhere that you can sink the pole into the ground or else attached to a fence post. Our experience was that when the feeders were attached to fence posts, there was very easy rodent access and we were losing food to them. To get around this, we've moved the feeders to the middle of the lawn.


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