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Thanks for stopping by! For those that don't already know, we're Helen and Stuart.


After having both been brought up in large UK cities, but always preferred the peace and tranquility of the countryside, we made the move from the UK to rural Tuscany in 2014.

Helen has worked in some form of publishing since leaving formal education and still does so remotely, albeit with a somewhat flaky rural internet.

Stuart spent fifteen years working as a graphic designer, followed by ten years as a plasterer before we made the move from to Italy.

Our first ever holiday together, many years ago, was in Tuscany. We immediately fell in love with Italy, its food, culture, history, landscapes and medieval villages, not to mention the weather!

In 2014 we decided to combine our love for this part of the world with our desire to live a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle as far away from the proverbial rat-race as was possible.

As many foreigners do, we bought an old farmhouse - we chose an area of Tuscany a little off the beaten track and, full of naivety and enthusiasm, we set to work restoring the land back to a working farm, producing food as well as offering a space for holidaymakers to stay and experience our little corner of Italy.

We follow regenerative and permaculture methods and work towards introducing as much diversity to the land around us as time and money allow.

We have 12 acres of woodland and cut our own firewood as our sole source of winter heating. We have a small olive grove which we are in the process of coaxing back to life for oil production. Since moving here we have planted a fruit and nut orchard of around 30 trees, begun cultivating mushrooms on logs, and created a small, but ever expanding vegetable garden.


We "rent" a small piece of land to a local beekeeper in the spring in return for an annual supply of organic honey, we keep chickens for eggs, and and have more unrealised projects on our to-do list than we will likely ever get around to completing - but we love the challenge!

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